Trainings and Presentations Available

120-hour Medical Interpreting Training Program - MENTOR Program

Date of Release:  January 2015

Price:                   $1,499.00

It is an online 6-week training program for bilingual Spanish speakers who wish to learn the craft of medical interpreting.  The program consists of six weeks where anatomy and physiology are at the core.  Several modules explore how interpretation ethics, interpreting protocols and regulations apply to medical interpreting.  The lectures are connected to weekly discussions, essays, interpreting drills with real-life scenarios, and guidance by an experienced language coach.

A unique approach is given to memory retention and retrieval, and critical thinking in a battery of drills.

There will be six cohorts graduating every year.  Each cohort has a limit of 12 students to promote better learning and more interpreting practice opportunities.

Comparative Analysis Session

Date of Release:  November 2013.

Price:                   $400.00

Description: It is a two-hour presentation comparing both national certification processes side by side.  It can be delivered onsite and online.


Business for Medical Interpreters

Date of Release:  August 2013

Price:                   $200.00

It is a two-hour interactive presentation in which we explore the potential business possibilities available to medical interpreters in California.  It can be delivered onsite and online.



Memory Retrieval Training for Medical Interpreters

Date of Release:  January 2015

Price:                   $250.00


Sight Translation Enhanced

Date of Release:  December 2014

Price:                   $450

Sight Translation Enhanced is a workshop intended for certified medical interpreters whose interpretation services are requested in public and occupational health settings and are asked to provide sight translations.  The workshops are approved to provide 2 ATA Continuing Education Points (CEPs) equivalent to 1.5 contact hours.

Learning Objectives:


1.  Participants will refresh conceptual framework and learn about ethical implications of sight translations;

2.  Medical interpretation practitioners will learn about legal considerations when sight translating;

3.  Participants will learn a technique to improve accuracy, increase sight translating speed, and gain vocabulary.