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Language Allies is an organization that supports medical interpreters providing them with mentoring, training and management solutions.  Language Allies was created in 2011 by interpreter and translator Carlos Garcia to improve diversity health and ultimately advance public health.

Carlos Garcia has had leadership positions in several entities since he started his career as a language professional in 2004.  He has been able to identify the strengths of all stakeholders ranging from limited English-proficient (LEP) patients and families to public and private organizations structured as small businesses, large non-profit organizations and for-profit corporations, and he is pooling all this together in Language Allies.

The benefits that Language Allies offers to all stakeholders are:

  • Training and mentoring solutions for medical interpreters;
  • Management solutions for interpreters in health care and payors; and
  • Competent healthcare interpreters for end-users.

For more information, you may contact us at:

San Francisco Office: (415) 496-6363

eMail:                          info@LanguageAllies.com

Mailing Address:      90 South Spruce Ave. Suite C-5.  South San Francisco, CA 94080.